We have an answer for all your questions about cars and car loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for car financing can be an intimidating experience. It is even more difficult when your are faced with a credit problem. We make it easy for you at GermanStarMotors.ca

We approve your application- not the bank. We will always do everything we can to get you the right vehicle and the right payment.

Q. I've been turned down for a car loan somewhere else, what makes you different?

A. Dealing with troubled credit is what we do. We are going to look at your future, not your past.

Q. I went bankrupt, can I still get a car?

A. We also specialize in post-bankrupt financing.

Q. Can I get the car or truck I want?

A. We always try to make sure the customer gets the vehicle they like as well as one they can afford. We have vehicles ready to go every day.

Q. If I want to see you in person where do I go?

A. Call us anytime an we will set up an appointment for you right away.

Q. How fast can I get a vehicle?

A. In some cases same day delivery is possible.

Q. Do I need a down payment?

A. We look at each customer as a unique individual. Sometimes a down payment is required but not always.

Q. Does it cost anything to apply?

A. No, we do not charge an application fee.