Knowing what your credit report says always helps.How to Check and Correct Your Credit Report

Shopping for a car has changed in the last year, because the lenders are thoroughly looking at a person's credit before loaning money. As a result, many people who thought they had decent enough credit no longer do and are very surprised when they're turned down for a loan.

That's why it's important to do your research not only on the car you want to buy, but on the amount of money you can borrow. Borrowing money today takes a great credit score and finding out your credit score before you go for a loan will help you get the best loan rates.

To get approved credit, you need to find out your credit score is and understand how it works. A credit score is basically just a number that's based on a person's credit report. The higher your score the more dependable you're supposed to be and a low credit number makes them believe you're a high risk for paying it back.

That's how a credit score is used, but the information that number consists of every line of credit you have, pus every time there has bee a request for your credit report in the last 3 years. With all that information coming in, it's very possible that your report will have errors, and that's why it's important to look it over every year. This habit really important when you plan to borrow money, so before you go for a car loan, make sure your report is correct. If it's not then you'll need to fix it.

To fix your credit report, you need to get it from one of the two major credit reporting agencies - Equifax or Transunion. While you can get your credit report (the link is an example of a credit report that shows you what one looks like) off of their respective websites, it may be easier to go to the Transunion site, as there doesn't seem to be a way to order it at Equifax without additional charges. Once you receive it, look closely for reporting errors. Each company has its' own procedure to fix errors and they've got a process in place to make corrections. If you find you have a number of problems on your report, you may want to hire a credit repair firm to help you.

Finally, if you want to raise your credit rating fast pay off some of your debt. The less you owe in proportion to your credit limits the better your rating. It seems that these days you need to show lenders that you don't need a loan before they'll give you one.

No matter what happened in the past, we'll help you get into a vehicle you love regardless of your credit score. Simply click for a car loan NOW to fill in our 2 minute Guaranteed Application!

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